Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're moving again!

...I know! What the hell! We lasted from September until now in our place. I guess we were never really happy with it from the start but it did become home for us for a while! Actually our first home *together* so it will always hold a special place in our heart! Except that is for the problems with the plumbing...;0 I really don't feel like going into the whole story again, but our upstairs neighbors plumbing froze and busted in our dining room three weeks. After the other plumbing issues we had already had that month...our hot water pipe froze in our basement (but thank god did not break), we had to have our hot water heater replaced, as well as the other issues we had since we September, venting issues with the furnace in the basement, non-working cable and phone wiring, no caulking in bathroom (around shower or sink), broken faucet in kitchen...hmm I think there was more, but can't think of any. Well, to say the least, we had enough and our landlord (graciously???) let us out of our lease. Maybe not so graciously, but you know how I am, I like to get my way! So I will hopefully get some pics of the new place tomorrow and post them up here. We are moving a whole 8 blocks away onto a busier street, but now we have twice as much space, a more beautiful apartment, a long cement driveway with a garage, A BATHTUB!!! all this for LESS RENT! I can't wait until we are all moved in! now the hard part...again

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